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BEVERLY HILLS, CA, February 14, 2013 - Virgin Produced has partnered with Energy Entertainment, Mozy Mosanko, Chris Tschupp & Colton Mitchell on “The Whisky A Go Go”; a premium cable television series, which will soon find its network home.

“The Whisky A Go Go” is described as a rock ‘n’ roll twist on “Casino” & “Boardwalk Empire". The series will follow the story of the Magilieri family's rise to power on the Sunset Strip as well as the stories of the artists & musicians that graced the stage and the youth culture that through each decade called the infamous club their home. The world famous Whisky A Go Go first appeared on the infamous Sunset Strip in 1964. With an “Into The Looking Glass”-like lens, audiences will be transported through the doors of the iconic club to not only follow the origin and legacy of the Whisky A Go Go & the stories of the many iconic artists that we’re birthed from it’s stage, but additionally the series narrative will follow the pulse of what was happening culturally, politically, economically and racially through each decade the club reigned from it’s perch on the Sunset Strip.

The Whisky A Go Go and Virgin Produced partnership brings together two brands who share an organic relationship with the world of music. The producers are currently meeting with high-end filmmakers and Show-runners and will have a fully packaged series concept and will subsequently be taking to nets in the next month.

"The rights to 'The Whisky' have long been sought after. We are both honored and thrilled to have joined forces with Brooklyn Weaver, Mozy Mosanko, Chris Tschupp & Colton Mitchell to package and produce what we believe has the potential to become an iconic series." said Virgin Produced Chief Creative Officer Justin Berfield.